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Richard Lines

great recipe . failed every time until I came across this simple delicious recipe ... cheers


cooking them in the oven right now! smell gorgeous!


Might try them; hope they turn out as good as yours sound!

Gwenno Williams

They're boom!

Patricia Foran

Great success with this recipe and method! Second attempt....first one failed dismally although I watched along with the chef in YouTube.

THE best meringues I've ever tasted!

A Facebook User

Hello--these turned out lovely and very easy to prepare! I added a little rosewater and cardamom powder.
Thank you very much!

Hello, I have used your basic recipe and added some lavender flowers;I'm pleased to say they came out perfectly. My first ever meringues! Thank you so much. I hope you don't mind, but I've linked to you from my blog. Thanks! Sam

UK Hot Deals

I am very glad to see these in lovely and excellent detail. Wonderful posting !!


mmmmm! Can't beat a good meringue with REAL cream! OOOOH I do miss real double cream! Here in Western Canada we have this stuff called whipping cream - which doesn't have anything like the butterfat (BF) of double cream - so they make up for it by adding thickeners like carrageenan - yes, natural seaweed derivatives - but - PLEASE. On the rare occasion that I indulge in cream - with yummy meringue - I'd like real English double cream thank you very much - sod the cholesterol!

PS - if you make said meringues with soft brown sugar they taste like toffee - does life get much better? GREAT recipe! Thanks - I know what I'm making for a family treat this find some decent cream.......

Marina Lambris Dimandis

Wow thank you My meringes came out nicely. You are the best.


wow! this works really well, i always thought that meringues were one of those things that you just had to to be good at making, never knew it could be so simple.

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